Work History

I graduated from college in 2004, and have been gainfully employed for the vast majority of the last twelve years or so. Here’s what I’ve been doing, in reverse chronological order.


Senior Director of Marketing

I’m currently the Sr. Director of Marketing at FiscalNote, a technology company in DC that has evolved over the last three years from our humble roots as a legislative tracking application into a full-blown issues management platform. Basically, our product helps businesses, associations, and nonprofits manage all of external factors in their environment that can impact them, from new legislation to regulatory changes to social movements and changing public sentiment.

During my very eventful time in management at FiscalNote, I’ve been in charge of the day-to-day operations of everything from product/content marketing to demand generation and even initial sales outreach (that part was temporary). These days I get to run the entire marketing function, so there’s a lot of brand-level work, operating strategy, and a ton of people and relationship management.


Director of Product marketing

For about a year and a half I ran the product marketing process at Contactually, an amazing relationship tool designed primarily for referral-minded professionals and their teams. You should probably try it. I started my time at Contactually in content marketing, before eventually moving over to a dedicated product-related function (I even sat over there, which was fun). During my time, we announced a ton of new features, a brand new website, and a bunch of great product related content created by yours truly.

Efficiency Exchange

COO and Chief Nepotism Officer

In 2012, I joined my incredible, world-traveling wife Taryn in her attempts to change the way global suppliers manage their operations, through a very ambitious software platform called Efficiency Exchange. I could go on about EEx all day — it’s a good idea we just couldn’t get enough capital to build a truly viable version of, but our discovery and initial development efforts are probably the most interesting work I’ve ever done. There were only six of us at EEx (gotta keep that burn rate down), so everyone did a lot, but at the end of the day I owned our product, marketing, and internal operations. Hey, I did say we all did a lot.

Bamboo Solutions

Product Marketing Manager

Bamboo was kind of an amazing company that built SharePoint add-ons and applications. Like many of our customers, I hated SharePoint, but I really loved Bamboo. After almost two years in the Rust Belt professional wilderness, I joined Bamboo in early 2008 and spent the rest of my twenties (over four years) learning the world of enterprise software. I started as a product manager/technical writer, before becoming our first product marketing person in 2009. I worked very closely with our Vietnam office for years, and got to visit once in 2011. Bamboo was at the right size, and point in its history that I got to learn a little bit of everything about business there — why things succeed and grow, and why those same great things can fail and die.