Additional, pre-FiscalNote work coming soon. I’m a busy guy with two kids, but I do have lots of cool stuff to add from Contactually, Efficiency Exchange, Bamboo, and other interesting professional adventures.

Product Marketing Manager (2015)
Director of Marketing (2016)
Senior Director of Marketing (2017)

I joined FiscalNote as their first product marketing hire in 2015, and since then have been a part of some pretty amazing organizational growth, culminating with the acquisition and integration of CQ Roll Call in 2018. Over the course of a little over three years, we grew from a venture backed startup with a little over $1m in revenue to a $70m company with over 400 employees in DC, New York, Baton Rouge, and Brussels.

Like most rapidly growing (and changing) organizations, we went through a good amount of leadership changes at FiscalNote over the last several years, and by 2017 I found myself running the entire Marketing department. It’s been a fascinating adventure, and today I find myself involved in all sorts of things I never thought I’d be a part of, from board meetings to organizational structures. On my way there, I’ve written white papers, launched (and renamed) some big products, hosted webinars, and coached and/or cajoled my teammates through any number of projects, deadlines, and challenges.

My most obvious, direct accomplishments at FiscalNote came early in my tenure, when I spent all of my time as a direct contributor with no reports. As the company grew, I found myself spending an increasing amount of time managing people, which meant that I while I feel a lot of responsibility for the quality of our work, I don’t actually DO that much of it anymore. This includes everything from our impressive looking print collateral to our incredible annual client event, both of which come from a team I run but other than some advice and approvals, have less to do with me than the very talented people I work with. That being said, I am ultimately responsible for our lead generation process (and how that connects to our Sales functions), content, product marketing, branding, as well as go to market planning and a good amount of sales enablement. It’s been quite a run. 

Yes, I have a resume.

It’s short and sweet, so if you have questions, just ask.