For most videos, I’ve done everything myself, and usually for teams and departments that have very little budget for this kind of thing. In everything here (exceptions mentioned when possible), I was responsible for laying out the whole thing, figuring out the message, writing a script, filming/animating/screen capturing, editing, and recording any music or voiceovers.

“You’ve Got Issues”

I jumped out of my executive ivory tower to put this together in support of our major Issues Management campaign, a fairly flashy exploration of non-digital channels like display advertising, radio, and things like that. Our team built out a dedicated landing site, and this video is the go-to content there. Fun fact, I needed to have this done while I was out of town for a wedding, so I did about half of the Keynote-powered motion graphics in here in a hotel room in Baltimore.

FiscalNote Mobile

This was the last real product marketing video work I did before moving into more of a management role at FiscalNote. Animation done in Keynote, and Final Cut X via the Object Animator plugin.

Old FN Product Intro

This was a general overview of what was (at the time) the legislative portion of the FiscalNote platform (it’s a bit dated now). This one is entirely animated in Keynote, and then composited in Final Cut X.

What is FiscalNote?

You’ll notice immediately that the production quality of this is far beyond anything else I’ve done, because I didn’t make this. Instead, I worked extensively with 522 Productions, who did literally all of the production work. Thus, this was a very different, very interesting project for me, as instead of interviewing, I spent my time managing and guiding all of these interview answers, providing editing feedback, and basically managing the work of a bunch of more talented people.

FN Mobile Lifestyle

This, on the other hand, is classic Sullivan guerrilla video production. We spat this thing out in a couple of days thanks to the work of my two colleagues Kim Irwin and Gerald Kierce at FiscalNote, and I threw together the editing, graphics, and voiceover in Final Cut and Object Animator. This isn’t a beautiful video, but it’s been very effective in helping some of our clients understand why our mobile app matters in terms outside of “hey look at all the features in this app”.

Contactually How-To

I put this video together in an attempt to help new Contactually users understand some of the mechanics of the product. This was entirely animated in Keynote, and involved a lot of trickery with layered buckets to do so.

Contactually Welcome

My Contactually magum opus — this is essentially an onboarding video designed to show new users how to get started the right way with the product. I put a ton of work into this one, and probably pushed Keynote further than it should go.

Efficiency Exchange Intro

This was less of a promotional video, and more of a corporate introduction to the idea behind Efficiency Exchange, which we mostly used for potential investors and a few early customers and channel partners. For that reason, it’s a lot longer and more in-depth than a lot of the one or two minute product videos I’ve banged out, and could probably use a little cutting. The subtitles were a new wrinkle, though.

Bamboo Select Promotion

Bamboo was a place with very few creative limits, and since I was in my mid-late 20’s when I worked there, I basically tried to out-do myself with each product video. This one was pretty over the top (it was also more of a gimmick package than a product), but I enjoyed making it. All of the animations were built in Flash, and then I cut everything together in Adobe Premiere.

Bamboo Gimmick

This is probably the second most ridiculous video I ever made for work, and one of the few I appear in. I’m wearing the Panda costume. As with many of the weirder ideas I’ve been asked to execute, this one developed quickly, and was finished in just a couple hours. Hat tip to Mike O’Brien for some amazing facial expressions.

PM Central

Product videos (which were originally intended primarily for use in Support) were my gateway into marketing at Bamboo. This was one of the better earlier videos I did — it’s been almost a decade but it’s slowly rolled up something like twelve thousand views. It was also a pretty typical combo of story, theoretical use case, messaging, and a bunch of creative design elements (minus a designer).

Six Foot Machine

It was a lifelong childhood goal for my bandmates and I to make a music video at some point in our lives. While it would have been less embarrassing to get this out of the way in our early twenties, we still had fun making it back in 2015. Shooting this was slightly tricky, but editing it was pretty easy given how simple it is.

Mary the Munchkin

I made this on my parental leave, celebrating the first four months of having our daughter around. In a way, she also helped me write this song — I’d try various little riffs until she smiled, and I think she liked the starting and stopping aspect of this one. I still sing it to her all the time, even though she’s been able to reach the table now for some time.