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For what it’s worth, I also have a bunch of solo recordings of varying quality (composition, performance, recording, etc.) you can listen to on SoundCloud.

Glenn’s Army (1998-2005)

This was my first band, started during the summer of our sophomore year of high school, and where I learned to do basically everything I would ever do in other bands, including play bass, write songs, and sing. What we lacked in talent we made up for with stubbornness, industriousness, and a genuine love of what we were doing. We recorded several homemade albums, along with three studio releases (recorded in 2000, 2001, and 2003) that I still listen to today. In 2002, we went on a short but fascinating tour of the eastern U.S.

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Streets Ahead (2006-2007)

After moving to Cleveland, OH I started another band with two extremely talented guys, one of whom I met on Craigslist, and one who my wife recruited at a show. Streets Ahead battled a lack of time, money, interest, and social skills throughout its short life, but we had a lot of fun and put on a couple good shows. We recorded one album in my basement before I ran out of money and had to move somewhere I could find a better job. I was only 25 when we started and had only played in one band — looking back, I wish I had met the guys with a little more experience under my belt.

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Bad Luck (2008-2011)

When I got to D.C., I wasted no time finding a musical outlet and joined Bad Luck, an already-established Social D/Johnny Cash-inspired three piece (counting me) that immediately embarked on some of my wackiest on-stage shenanigans. Bad Luck wasn’t exactly my most engaging creative outlet, but we sure had a lot of fun, and Bad Luck shows were unquestionably some of the largest, loudest, and most enthusiastic crowds I ever played for. Our adventures took us to water parks, county fairs, biker bars, pool halls, retirement parties, and just about everything else you could imagine.

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ELEMENTARY (2009-2012)

At the same time I was galavanting with Bad Luck, I was working with another Craigslist acquaintance on what would become Elementary, a pop-alt-rock-ish four piece featuring (among other things) Rob from Streets Ahead on drums, weirdly enough. Elementary was a more direct creative outlet, and over the course of our time together we put together a seven song demo, a nine minute space opera (not my idea, but a good one), an extremely ambitious full length LP, and an even better follow-up EP. We also played a bunch of shows and gave ourselves ridiculous nicknames.

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Six Foot Machine (2011-2018)

Six Foot Machine was basically formed by accident when I sent some song ideas over to guy I found online. All I wanted was some drum recording work on some of my solo stuff, but Jesse got really excited and wanted to start a band. I told him I’d give it a shot if he found a drummer who could play the double-time old-MXPX/NOFX style stuff he was into, and when he did, I was stuck. Fast forward six years, two albums, multiple kids, weddings, and countless high-energy bar shows later and I’m still not entirely sure what happened.

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The Defendents (2012-forever)

Bringing things somewhat full circle, Steve from Glenn’s Army and I reunited in northern Virginia after he returned from a stint working on a boat and decided to go to law school — the latter became the inspiration for our recording-only non-band, which plays sporadically (we are both dads now). However, slowly but surely we’ve been able to capture a little of our old magic, add a few new tricks, and record a couple good songs. We put a bunch of them together into our first album in 2014, and are hard at work on our follow-up record. We expect to finish it in about fifteen years.

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