About Nate

Nate Sullivan is a local writer and thinker of almost no renown whatsoever, but thankfully also has more lucrative skills in the fields of marketing, startups, and software development he’s used in the DC tech industry since moving to the area in 2008. When he’s not staring at Google Sheets full of conversion rates or drawing elaborate, hastily constructed metaphors on a whiteboard in front of smarter, younger millennials, you’ll probably find him asleep, grudgingly performing overdue domestic chores, or attempting to entertain his wife Taryn, their daughter Mary (age: 2) and/or their son Sam (age: baby).
Eventually, he hopes to find time to return to some his favorite pastimes, which include rec-league basketball, playing bass and “singing” in local punk rock bands, and building less hastily-constructed WordPress sites than this one. 

This is my family. We are hilarious and exhausting.

I have played in a bunch of loud, fast bands in a couple different cities.

home (HD)

I was born and raised in beautiful Portsmouth, RI. I go home whenever I can, which is not often enough.

I love basketball. I have never been very good but I have weirdly long arms for my height.