Petty + Bitter

This is pathetic.

The White House reportedly requested that the U.S. Navy move the warship — named USS John S. McCain for the late senator — “out of sight” during President Trump’s state visit to Japan over Memorial Day weekend, reports the Wall Street Journal.


They put a tarp over the guy’s name. A tarp! The whole point of naming the thing is to honor the guy — we’ve decided to honor him. None of us are in love, politically, with everyone we’ve named a frickin’ boat after, but we roll with it, because we’re Americans, and not three year olds who throw themselves on the floor screaming when it’s time to go to bed or eat cauliflower (I have some familiarity with this, FWIW).

I know Pence is a useless Ken doll with a policy agenda from “A Handmaid’s Tale”, but at least he could probably stand there blankly during the occasional ceremony. Trump can’t even do that, plus he’s a moron enacting awful policy.