Welcome to Serbia

Somewhat inexplicably, I have been in Novi Sad, Serbia for the last several days for work. It’s pretty amazing. For a guy who doesn’t really travel much (and certainly doesn’t try to), this is my third incredible international trip after fairly extended visits to Vietnam in 2011 and China in 2013.

It’s a traveling person’s cliche, but Serbia really is a beautiful country. The locals (who, unlike me, are young and cool) have occasionally put down Novi Sad as a “boring” city in their conversations with me, but… I kind of love the place. Maybe it’s because I’m boring, or maybe it’s because this is the right kind of boring for me, but I really enjoy the vibe here.

In other news, a few days of looking around has indicated that Serbians are enormous, friendly, and drink a lot. Also, I saw “GO HOME YANKEE NO NATO” spray painted on the street, which was a little jarring. Still, as interesting as all this is, I can’t wait to get home and see my kids again. My wife and I have both done our fair share of business travel (okay, mostly her), so being away from each other is something we’ve grown to handle. But the munchkins are different, and this is my first extended period of time without them. I really miss ’em.