Channel My Daughter

As you probably know, I have an adorable, hilarious three year old daughter.

I also have a son, but I didn’t make a t-shirt for him yet, so ignore him for a second. Sorry, Sam. Now, about that t-shirt.

Look at this thing! Don’t you just want to adorn your toddler with it? For what it’s worth, I’m doing this through Gooten, my amazing new employer that provides real e-commerce businesses (i.e., not me) with order management, sourcing, and on-demand production of all kinds of cool stuff. I’m largely going through this exercise for my own education, but I’m not gonna lie… I kind of like messing around with this. Wait until you see my line of phone cases.

Anyways, yes, this is a real t-shirt and you will actually get one if you order. I’m just saying.