The Blog is dead, long live The Blog

A couple years ago, I used the inevitable decline of Tumblr to shift away from the very popular, 2008-ish link blog style I had used here for years. At the time, my thinking was that I wanted to focus on writing longer-form things I put a lot of effort and thinking into, instead of just grabbing things that caught my attention and hastily putting together my two cents.

Unfortunately, while I wrote some more thoughtful things that I really liked, I also decided to add two little kids and a very demanding job. The result — weirdly enough — was that I had more time for quick little observations about things, and less time to sit down and put together something thoughtful (never mind edited). With a site structured around long-form content, that meant what I was able post was increasingly long-winded, sporadic, and not really what I wanted to make.

(I’m not kidding — a lot the posts from the last two years came together on a Sunday morning at a coffee shop with me flipping through various half-written things, squishing them together, and posting the results. If you’ve read this site for a long time, it’s probably noticeable.)

So with that, just a quick note that I’m firing up my time machine and taking the site back to the 2008 linkblog era.

A lot of people I know, and have learned to enjoy reading, have given up on the personal site format and moved their shorter thoughts to social networks, Medium, etc. — and I say the hell with that. Self-hosted WordPress continues to get more and more awesome (it has blocks now!), Twitter continues to get dumber, and I like building things. So here we go.

Of course, I still have little kids and a job, so we’ll see what kind of writing capacity a 36-year old version of the 25-year old who started this site is like. But it’s just so much easier to find things, write things, and post things (provided they aren’t too big) nowadays, and I’m going to give it a shot.

Here’s to the old days.